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Greenwich Pantry


Our Story

Greenwich Pantry is an ethical food business and began life in Greenwich SE10. With a love for good food; artisan foods, locally sourced and specialty ‘free-from’ foods we began to show clients how to cook delicious healthy food with amazing ingredients.

Our kids cooking school offer a wide range of classes and learning styles for children to cook.

Classes are designed to suit children’s needs, and accessible after school or on Saturday, giving children the best opportunities to cook and have fun while learning.


Cooking supports children’s growth as they experience the joy of learning with a team of food experts at Greenwich Pantry.

Our food experts know exactly how to expose children to a variety of tastes and textures at an early stage. This means they develop their own love for good food and an appreciation of cuisine from other cultures and kids love it!


Kids love attending classes to learn

a variety of well loved food. Learning cooking at an early age builds up children’s knowledge of their world.


Pasta making, cake baking, cookie decorating, bread, sushi, are among the favourites for teens joining our classes.

Adults can simply cook alongside their children to enjoy and improve on their cooking skills be it from workshops or classes based on your preferences.

Confidence in cooking is what you should aim for. We can help you achieve this. Children have a colourful mind at an early stage, let them enjoy their time while developing a variety of new cooking abilities to help them in the near future.


Ready to cook?


We look forward to seeing you!

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