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At Greenwich Pantry, we remain fully cognisant of our role in the safeguarding of children, vulnerable adults and disabled. This policy applies to all, albeit not equally.


A Responsible business approach is the principal way we seek to coordinate and manage practices to maximise positive social and economic contribution and minimise our environmental impact. Engagement with strategic clients, employees, our local community, environmental stakeholders, business partners and suppliers is central to our responsible business approach.


We divide responsible business into four segments:

Marketplace: How we work with customers and suppliers

Workplace: Where we work, how we recruit and how we work with our employees Environment: How we reduce our environmental impact

Community: How we engage with our local community

This policy is related to and builds upon the values and standards of ethics outlined in our company credo.



The objectives of this policy statement are:

• Clarify roles and responsibilities in respect of responsible business

• Outline the commitment and requirements for the responsible business segments of

marketplace, workplace, environment and community



This policy applies to children under 16 and vulnerable adults attending our cooking school. The policy should be read in conjunction with our Responsible Business Policy.


Policy requirements

The oversight of this safeguarding policy is owned by senior management team within Greenwich Pantry Ltd. Nominated board members will take ownership of the policy and report regularly to the board.


At the time of writing the safeguarding policy is the responsibility of Lara Omoloja.


The policy is a guide and applicable to all staff and volunteers that work with Greenwich Pantry Cooking School.


Addressing the risk to children, vulnerable and disabled

As an organisation, we believe that no child, young person or vulnerable person should experience harm or abuse and are committed to their protection as it relates to our cooking classes and courses. 


To this intent, we will operate in accordance with the values and standards of behaviour set out in our code of business conduct, company credo as well as all applicable laws and regulatory requirements, and provide a mechanism and process whereby illegal and/or unethical behaviour can be reported and addressed.


We recognise that the following is paramount in relation to safeguarding:


  1. Welfare of all children, disabled or vulnerable individuals

  2. All children, disabled or vulnerable individuals regardless of race or ethnicity have an equal right to be protected from harm

  3. Some individuals are more vulnerable to harm than others

  4. Working with appropriate agencies may be essential in the protection of the individuals and for their wellbeing,


Safeguarding at classes and courses (events)


Greenwich Pantry events, classes and courses cover 3 areas:


Events for adults and children of all ages – children under 16 must be accompanied throughout by a responsible adult (18 or over) who brings the child and collects them after the event.


Events for children only - children must be enrolled into the class by a responsible adult before being left with the class leader. The booking details includes the ages of the child and their names, contact details for the adult or of the designated career if applicable. Young people aged 16 or 17 with written consent but their places must be booked by an adult.  


Events for children with adults or carers – children must be supervised by their responsible adult at all times. Disabled or vulnerable adults may require support from a responsible carer.


We will provide a safe and secure workplace which is conducive to the health and welfare of children, vulnerable or disabled adults.


Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS)

Adults working with children in events where children are attending without their adults require a DBS.


The nature of our work means it is unlikely for children to be left alone with an adult. However, any complaints or concerns can be reported to Lara Omoloja.


Health and Safety Aspect


All Greenwich Pantry events are risk assessed and the Greenwich Pantry Team take required steps to mitigate risks to health and safety. Parents and carers will be made aware of any risks at the time of booking. Steps taken to minimise the risks will be shared with parents and carers at the time of booking. A record of all risk assessments will be kept by the team.


The management team will ensure that sufficient adults are in events to ensure that in the event of an emergency, one adult can look after children while the other deals with the issue at hand.



Greenwich Pantry does not tolerate bullying of any kind by anyone. If any child on child bullying were to occur, the children will be separated and parents or adults will be asked to deal with the matter. Any allegations of bullying may result in banning the children from attending the event.



Parents or responsible adults can consent to photography at the time of booking the event. Photography will not take place without the parents written consent. If there are any concerns about photography, please contact Lara Omoloja, immediately.


Managing behaviours, discipline and acceptable restraint

The following summarises key terms used in this policy statement:


• Adults supervising children are not permitted to use any form of corporal punishment. Where physical restraint is the last resort to prevent damage to person or property, then the minimum necessary restraint may be used.


• Banning children from our events is the last resort, however where it is deemed necessary, an appeal may be put forward to Lara Omoloja.

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