Holiday Courses

Children can join our summer holiday cooking week in Dulwich and Plumstead where they can learn to cook a variety of dishes from different parts of the world.

The course focuses on a new theme each day of the course. Children learn useful skills such as  meal planning, knowledge about seasonal ingredients, team working in the kitchen and much more. We provide everything needed including aprons and ingredients. Parents can purchase Greenwich Pantry extras such as aprons and cooking tools for kids to get them prepared for more cooking experiences at home.

Each day will feature a different international cuisine exploring both classic dishes and contemporary street food,  from arancini to traditional scones your children will be bringing home delicious dishes for everyone to try! 

Morning sessions 11am to 1pm are suitable for 6 to 10 year-olds

Afternoon sessions 2pm to 4pm are suitable for 11 to 15 year-olds

Week 1 - 1st to 5th August at our Plumstead Venue

Week 2 - 8th - 12th August at our Dulwich Venue

What to expect in class:

  • A practical approach and child friendly cooking techniques

  • Food to take home or eat in class

  • Food specialists to inspire children's love for cooking

  • Hands-on cooking

  • Recipes to take home

  • Handy tips, shortcuts, team work

  • All facilities, equipment and ingredients are included

Skills acquired:

  • Confidence cooking new recipes at home

  • Improve skills such as measuring, weighing, plating etc.

  • Knowledge of food and ability to select good quality food when shopping

  • Ability to prepare food with good quality, easily accessible ingredients