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Food programs

Greenwich Pantry offer a cookery teacher service allowing schools to fully incorporate cooking skills into their curriculum.

Our chefs and teachers support schools and teens with their learning either by delivery of cooking lessons or through food talks and workshops.

We know how challenging it can be for schools to incorporate cooking into very busy curriculums and we are here to support you.

If you’re a school looking to develop cooking skills for kids, get in touch here

Class snapshot - here’s what to expect in class:

  • A practical approach and child friendly cooking techniques

  • Food to take home or eat in class

  • Food specialists to inspire children's love for cooking

  • Hands-on cooking

  • Recipes to take home

  • Handy tips, shortcuts, team work

  • Equipment utensils and ingredients are included

  • Knowledge and expertise of school curriculum

Skills acquired:

  • Confidence cooking new recipes at home

  • Improve skills such as measuring, weighing, plating and supports understanding of maths in the real world

  • Knowledge of food and ability to select good quality food when shopping

  • Ability to prepare food with good quality, easily accessible ingredients

  • Team work in the kitchen

check out our kids cooking classes

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