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Online classes

Online Classes
We make online parties fun for kids and relaxing for adults
Choose from our wide variety of recipes for birthday celebrant and their guests.

Online party celebration includes delivery of a 1.45mins session,
party box delivered to celebrants and their guest
party hats and aprons

Class snapshot - here’s what to expect in onlinecooking class:

  • A practical approach and child friendly cooking techniques

  • Food to enjoy at home with family

  • Food specialists to inspire children's love for cooking

  • Hands-on cooking and baking

  • Recipes to enjoy at home

  • Handy tips, shortcuts, team work at home 

  • Party boxes with essential ingredients are included

Skills acquired:

  • Experience of cooking or baking new recipes at home

  • Improve skills such as measuring, weighing, plating and encourage creativity

  • Awareness and knowledge of food 

  • Increase interest in food preparation with good quality, easily accessible ingredients

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